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Grand Ages: Rome - Reign Of Augustus Download For Pc

Updated: Mar 3

Grand Ages: Rome - Reign Of Augustus Download For Pc >>>

About This Game Re-live the reign of Augustus in the official expansion pack for the hit PC title Grand Ages: Rome. Reign of Augustus includes a brand new campaign comprised of 12 missions, new maps and a wealth of enhanced gameplay features. Campaign with 12 new Missions 12 new maps 6 new multiplayer maps 4 new buildings: Senate, Tax Office, Odeum, Hospital 20 new estates bonus Roads - connect your city to the major roman roads to gain additional resources, units travel faster on roads, certain buildings generate additional resources when placed next to a road Authority - certain buildings (both new and existing buildings from the first game) generate Authority that can be used for various effects that benefit the player or hinder his opponents - putting out or starting fires, summoning an allied squad, accelerated research, etc. New talents for each family (21 new talents total) Remove tool for roads, trees, platforms and decorations New decorations – statues and gardens God Mode - free build map with few disasters and unlimited resources New campaign intro video Additional multiplayer features: Pre-built towns & pre-built town walls etc. 3 new patrons (Agrippa, Nero, Drusus) 7aa9394dea Title: Grand Ages: Rome - Reign of AugustusGenre: Strategy, SimulationDeveloper:Haemimont GamesPublisher:Kalypso Media DigitalRelease Date: Jan 2010 Grand Ages: Rome - Reign Of Augustus Download For Pc


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